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He Just Spoke It
by Linda Ferris

Did you ever stop to wonder how we ever came to be?
Did you ever stop to take note of the moon, the stars, the sea?

Did you know that there is someone who drew up all these plans?
Did you know that He is someone who created all of man?

Did you know that in just six days He made the Universe?
Did you know all He created couldn't fit into this verse?

Did you know that he just "spoke it" and existence came to be.
Did you know that He just "spoke it" and created you and me?

Did you know He is Our Father Our Creator from above?
Did you know He is our Mighty God, who blessed us with such love?

Did you know that He's the author of a very famous book?
Did you know to get to know Him you just need to take a look?

Did you know that just to talk to him all you have to do is pray?
Did you know that He will hear you in the nighttime or the day?

Did you know Our Father sent His Son to show us what to do?
Did you know that if you follow Him your life will be renewed?

Did you know His name is Jesus who died and rose again?
Did you know He is Our Father's Son Who sits at His Right Hand?

Did you know that there awaits for you His Kingdom to unfold?
Did you know there are no tears there and His streets are made of gold?

Did you know this place called heaven is so simple to achieve?
Did you know the way to get there is just "In Him believe?"

Will you give your life to Jesus and be free from all your sin?
Will you give your life to Jesus and cast all your fears on Him?

Will you get down on your knees right now, it's time, you know the way.
Will you give your life to Jesus?  He is the Light, the Life, the Way.

Linda Ferris

Write Linda and let her know your thoughts on her poem!

Linda Ferris is a registered nurse from Southeast Michigan. She enjoys making quilts, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.


Thought For The Day:

"A day hemmed in prayer is less likely to unravel."

Verse for the Day:

"...pray about everything; tell God your needs and don't forget to tank him for his answers. If you do this you will experience God's peace...His peace will keep your thoughts and your hearts quiet and at rest." --Phillipians 4: 6,7

Kid's Thought For The Day:

"Crying gets you more attention, but not more friends."

Parent's Thought For The Day

"It's amazing. One day you look at your phone bill and realize they're teenagers."--Milton Berle

Coach's Thought For The Day

"Losers live in classic style in the never land called 'someday I'll.' Winners live each day as if their last, not in the future, not in the past and someday...becomes NOW!"--Dennis Waitley

Writer's Thought For The Day:

"Writers are either putter-inners or taker-outers, and I'm a taker-outer. I want my sentences to be short and sweet and hopefully loaded." --Jonathan

Deep Thought For The Day:

" Voodoo - What you find under you pet, Voo."




I need to impose on you and your prayer list once again.  My cousin Patty's husband David has had cancer for a couple of years now and is doing well.  However, their teenage son, Joel, has now been diagnosed with a brain tumor and will have surgery on Tuesday.  If everyone could just keep him in their prayers and ask God for his help I would appreciate it.  Thank you again.



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Dear Michael,

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the beautiful video you made for me! It was so special to see both of my parents in tears as they watched their children grow up in pictures before their eyes! I loved the way you made Estania's part set aside from the rest--that was the part that really got them! The music was beautiful. My mom kept blubbering, "What song is that?" I don't know how you did such a beautiful job with the video in such a short time. I really appreciate your doing it so quickly. You have a wonderful gift, and I thank God that you are using it to create such sentimental memories. I hope that I can find my niche like that in an area that I love. Your video gave us one of our most lasting Christmas memories! I hope yours was filled with moments to be treasured forever!
Silverhill, AL

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