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20 Logic Errors Used by Evolutionists When Discussing Origins

1. Fuzzy Words

We believe, we think
Given enough time, it will happen
Might work
Must have formed
"Those life forms must have evolved in the absence of oxygen,."
Could possibly have been
My guess is
Seems like

Use of "fuzzy words" demonstrates that evolutionists do not have the evidence to support their claims.

2. Half Truth

Half true and half false
Often more effective than the complete lie

Example: The Second Law of Thermodynamics only applies to isolated systems, so it is not relevant to evolution, because the earth is an open system

3. Bandwagon
The appeal to "everyone agrees"
Example: All scientists accept evolution
No real scientist accepts creation
To see a list of scientists that believe in a literal 6-day creation got to:

4. Glittering Generalities
A broad oversimplification of an explanation
Example: Scientists may disagree about the mechanism of evolution, but all agree that evolution is a fact.

5. Loaded Words
Using emotionally-charged words to influence a reaction
Example: Creationism is a tactic by the "Christian right" to force their religious agenda on our children

6. Association
Associating something you want to criticize with something people dislike
Example: Associating creation in the same sentence with astrology or known myths

7. Ridicule
Attempting to provoke a dislike against a person or idea by name-calling
Example: Creationists are troglodytes and flat-earthers

8. Circumstantial Evidence
Assuming physical evidences are related
Example: We are here therefore we must have evolved (this is often the best evidence used to support evolution)
Example: Fossil horses arranged into an evolutionary sequence

9. Either-Or Fallacy
Presenting only one possible solution when others are justified
Example: If we teach creation then we will have to teach every other creation myth

10. Analogy
Improperly drawing parallels while ignoring pertinent differences
Example: Evolution is a fact like digestion or gravity

11. Authority
Relying on authority rather than logic and evidence
Example: Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution"
Example: Citing one scholar who claims the days of Genesis could have been long ages

12. Extrapolation
Assuming a trend beyond what the data permits
Example: Radioactive dating methods prove the earth is 4.6 billion years old
Example: Mutations are the mechanism for evolution

13. Best-in-Field Fallacy
An appeal to overlook discrepancies in a theory
Example: We don't have all the answers, but evolution is the best model we have

14. Shifting the Burden of Proof
Forgetting that it is your responsibility to prove a claim, not your opponents to disprove it
Example: Claiming that creation has no proof and therefore should not be taught, when evolution has never been proven or is even capable of proof

15. Ad Hominem
Attacking the person instead of the argument
Example: Asserting that creationists are ultra-conservative, do not have real degrees, or are liars
Example: Accusing creationists of quoting out of context when they did not

16. Equivocation
Confusing the issue by using vague terms or changing the definitions of words
Example: Changing the definition of science to support only evolution
Example: Not clearly defining terms such as natural selection or macroevolution

17. Card Stacking
Listing all the points in your favor while ignoring the serious points against it
Example: Pouncing on one item by your opponent but ignoring the major points of his/her argument
Example: Trying to prove evolution using finch beaks or antibiotic resistant bacteria but ignoring all the problems

18. Bluffing
Appearing to know more than you do
Example: Making the claim that the fossil record is full of transitional fossils
Example: Dinosaurs evolved into birds

19. Appeasement
The appeal that we're not really so different
Example: Most religions don't have a problem with evolution

20. Visualization
Using imagery to mislead or to substitute for evidence
Example: The evolutionary tree of life
Example: The geologic column
Example: Reconstruction of alleged "apemen"

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