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Interview With HeartTouchers Author:

Roger Dean Kiser, Sr.

Before we get to Roger's interview, I wanted to share something I wrote about him in an e-mail that I sent to Lee Simonson of Heartwarmers...
I am continually in awe of Roger's incredible stories. Each one touches some part of my heart and soul.  But I am even more in awe of Roger as a person.  There is no one in this world who has more "reason" to use his past as an excuse for present problems than Roger. However, instead of becoming full of hatred, bitterness, and spite, Roger has become someone full of love, hope, and encouragement.  Yes, I am sure it was a long hard road, with many trials since his youth, but he has come through the refiner's fire as tempered steel and not ashes.  Roger, may you continue to fight the good fight, and use your past as a way to make a difference in the lives of millions!  If only all of us were so strong of character and convictions!
Thank you Roger and your lovely wife Judy for sharing your wonderful stories with all of us here at Heart Touchers!
Author Michael T. Powers, Founder of and
Now, dear readers, you know why I picked Roger to be the first writer that we interviewed....
HeartTouchers:  When did you start writing?

Roger Dean Kiser, Sr.:  I started writing in 1998.

HT:  Why do you write?
RDK:  I write because I want the entire world to know what it feels
like to live everyday of your life hurting inside, because of what
people have done to one another in the past.

HT:   Where do you write? (Favorite or most comfortable place)
RDK: At my computer desk.

HT:   Have you had any odd or strange jobs in your life?
RDK:  I have worked many, many jobs in my lifetime. I cannot
think of much which I have not done, in one for or another. I
have worked as an attorney, nurse, medic, mechanic, plumber,
laborer, clerk and much, much more and have never had any
type of degree.

HT:   What book are you currently reading?
RDK:  None

HT:   What do you like to read?
RDK:  Anything that can make me feel emotional inside myself.

HT:  Who are your favorite authors?
RDK:  Really do not have a favorite. But really do enjoy Joe Edward's
(Heartwarmers4u) work.

HT:   What was your first story to be published?
RDK: "Orphan goes to the White House"
HT:   What was the first story you remember writing?
RDK:  "Butterflies"

HT:  Where does your inspiration come from?
RDK:  From something that I see, or hear, during the day that
moves me inside. I take that memory, sight or sound, and I carry
it home and transform that feeling into a story. I do have to write
down the thought, immediately, or I will forget the feeling.

HT:   Of all the stories you have written, what is you favorite story?
RDK:  "No Shoes"

HT:   What was the hardest story for you to write?
RDK: "Little White Rabbit"

HT:   Do you have anything to share about when you first looked
at your book, or the book you first had a story published in?
RDK: "When I hold my book in my hands for the very first time; I
will fall to my knees and I will thank God in heaven for allowing me
the opportunity to the world who the bad guys really were."
Roger Dean Kiser
(And that did)

HT:   Did you dream about being a writer when you were
growing up or did it just happen?
RDK:  It just happened. The pain was so great inside myself that
I had to express it so that my family, my friends, and the world
would be able to understand me and hopefully know that I truly
do love them.

HT:   Did you write stuff as a child or young person that you
can now go back and look at with pride, or maybe even laughter?
RDK:  I was not allowed to write in the orphanage; I was not
allowed to own a pencil, paper or even my own thoughts.

HT:   Who do you admire in life?
RDK:  Clayton Moore (The Lone Ranger)

HT:   What has influenced you most in your writing for good or for bad?
RDK:  The years of loneliness that I (we kids) suffered in that
Jacksonville, Florida orphanage.

HT:  Do you have any advice for those who also write or may
just be starting out?
RDK:  You can write about the basket of fruit all you want. But if
you cannot make the reader smell it. Then you are wasting your
time. The sight, the sound and the smell of a story all come from
creating 'A feeling.' 
     Writing a book is the easy part. Once you have poured your
heart and soul into the pages of a book; The cover will once again
close and it will be placed on the shelf of a book store. Your
heart and soul will just sit there, day after day, because the
people who walk up and down the book store isle cannot see,
feel or hear what is inside the cover of your book. The contents
of your book are totally worthless unless you can find a way to
show the buyers that it has a value to them.

HT:  What do you like to do when you are not writing, i.e., hobbies?
RDK:  Fishing, boating.

HT:   What are your future writing plans?
RDK: To write child abuse stories and put them on my web site
in hopes that I might reach someone, somewhere and hopefully
save the life of a child.  What I want most is to see my book made
into a movie so that I can go to the theater (unknown) and watch
people cry their eyes out. Then I will know that the world
understands just how much it really hurts a child to be abused,
even after he grows up and becomes a man.

Roger and his wife Judy (Also a writer of children's stories) live in
Brunswick, Georgia. They have four cocker spaniels and a black
chow, as well as two cats. Roger spends ten to fifteen hours a day working on his web site: "The Sad Orphan", located at: which has become one of the most read child abuse web sites in the
Roger's story "Elvis died at the Florida Barber College" is now being
made into a short film at Surrey University in England and should be
completed sometime in October, or early November.
Roger is also in talks with Cloud Ten Productions (who produced
Toy Story 2) about a possible feature film on his book "Orphan,
A True Story of Abandonment, Abuse and Redemption."  


"Orphan, A True Story of Abandonment, Abuse and Redemption",
"The Sad Orphan", "Chicken Soup for the Soul-Grandparents)", " Site Award" (Heartwarmer Gem),
"Heartwarmer and Heartwarmers of Love Book Series",
"Pride of the Pantheon Award-Geocities",
"The Best of Athens Award-Yahoo",
"Fallen Angel Award",
"The Sad Orphan Award",
"Athens Academy Spotlight Award",
"The Socrates Award (For thought provoking content)",
"Angel Guardian Orphanage",
"Hope Award",
"Heartbreak Kids Award",
"Soul Disclosures Inspirational Books",
"Women's (WOSIB) Top Gold Award"
"A COOL COLLECTION", an anthology for today's teenagers.
(Used in the schools of Israel)
You can purchase Roger's book, "Orphan, A True Story of Abandonment, Abuse and Redemption", in most major bookstores, or order it at by clicking
His new book of uplifting stories titled "American Orphan" can be purchased at:
You can also order a personalized autographed copy by visiting Roger's site at:
Roger Dean Kiser, Sr. can be reached for comments at:
Check out Roger's stories in our archives by clicking on the titles below!
The Sad Orphan Foundation featured author, Roger Dean Kiser, Sr. has just started the Sad Orphan Foundation.  Visit his site to see how you can make a difference in the lives of orphans!
Transfer your photographs or old home videos over to DVD or MP4 files! Give the gift that will touch your family's heart and soul.

You can join the 15,000 followers on his Facebook Nature Photography by clicking on the link above!

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