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Good morning readers!

Hopefully you are enjoying the new look for HeartTouchers and that things are easier to read. Be sure and let me know if you have any trouble with the way things are formatted or if you have anything else to share, positive or negative that may make HeartTouchers better!

Thank you to those who let me know about the extra spaces in last week's e-mail. Hopefully things are all taken care of now and we can get down to the business of sharing stories that will touch your heart in a special way.

Today's story is by my friend and author T. Suzanne Eller. I asked her if she would share an excerpt from her new book about being a mom. The book, entitled: The Mom I Want To Be: "Rising Above Your Past to Give Your Kids a Great Future", takes the reader step-by-step and deep into the process of not only healing, but changing the patterns to give your family, yourself, and your child something much greater than what you had in the past. If you like what you read below, be sure to let her know by e-mailing her at the e-mail address listed at the end of the story.

Looking forward to many more years of offering HeartTouchers to all of you.

From my family to yours,

Author Michael T. Powers


Shattered Legacies

by T. Suzanne Eller

(From chapter one of the book: The Mom I Want To Be: "Rising Above Your Past to Give Your Kids a Great Future")

I pulled my small brown coat tight around me. Paper crackled on my back.

If you take it off, you'll be in trouble.

I straightened my shoulders and walked across the playground. Little boys and girls pointed at me and laughed. I walked up the sidewalk. It seemed a thousand miles long. When I pulled open the heavy door, warm air brushed my face.

A little boy stopped and stared at me as I passed. I stared straight ahead and ignored him. I walked toward my class as the bell rang. I scuffed my feet against the tile.

"What is this?" The adult voice stopped me in my tracks.

I put my head down. All I could see was the tip of his shoes.


The principal knelt down and looked at me in the eye. He gently turned me around read the sign tacked to my back with two large safety pins. He stood and wrapped an arm around me protectively.

"Follow me."

His face was dark and angry. I skipped as I struggled to keep up. My heart beat in my chest like a trapped bird. The principal ushered me into his office and closed the door. He knelt and fumbled with the pins and finally ripped the paper gently away. Removing the sign felt as if a 1000 pounds had been removed from my tiny 8-year old frame.

He held the white paper in his hands that read, "I'm a Stupid Girl".

"Why are you wearing this?"

My mom pinned it on me. To this day, I don't remember why, but I do remember the scarlet letter, telling the whole world that I was stupid. I was relieved when I realized that his face was no longer angry, only sad.

Principal Shelstead called his secretary into the room. She paged my sister's class and my 6-year old little sister joined me. He had her turn around.

No note.

I sat beside Mindy on the blond wooden chairs. My principal shut the door and called my mother. We sat quietly, stealing glances at one another. Finally Principal Shelstead walked out and told us that we could go and I happily skipped down the hall.

Mr. Shelstead would be in trouble instead of me.

To this day, I believe that Mr. Shelstead was my first glimpse of God. I didn't know about the power of faith back then. All I knew is that my principal had the ability to take away the labels, the hurt, and to move in when I didn't know what to do.

That's exactly what God has given me as well. Today, I'm a strong, whole person. The legacy that was passed down from generation to generation like tattered luggage wasn't handed to my children, and I'm grateful.

I've watched God heal not only me, but I've had a front-row seat as my beautiful mother found wholeness as well. Embracing God's love was a large part of my healing, and in discovering that I could be the mom, the person, the woman that I want to be. Forgiving, letting go of the past, moving forward, breaking down walls, taking risks, and unpacking generational patterns to replace them with healthy alternatives were other steps in that journey.

My children are all in college now, and when I look at what God can do, I'm amazed, and I'm thankful to be able to share with other women (and men) what can take place in your life and family, no matter what the past once held.

T. Suzanne Eller

Write T. Suzanne and let her know your thoughts on her story!

T. Suzanne Eller is the author of The Mom I Want To Be: Rising Above Your Past to Give Your Kids a Great Future (Harvest House, 2006). She is a nationally-sought after speaker to women, teens, and twentysomethings, a parenting columnist, and author of four books and over 600 articles. She can be reached at or

You can purchase a copy of her book at at the following link:



Creation Q & A

Q: Why is Genesis the Bible's very first book?

A: Obviously, the fact that Genesis is first in God's Word means that He sees it as very, very important. And it is. Genesis, which means 'beginnings,' is the first book because its words are foundational to the rest of the Bible. All of the New Testament is founded in the Old Testament--and all of the Old Testament is based in Genesis Chapters 1 through 11.

All biblical doctrines have their foundation ultimately--directly or indirectly--in the book of Genesis. The doctrine of marriage; why we wear clothes; the reason Jesus came to die on a cross; why there's death in the world; why man has dominion over the earth--all of these are dependent on a literal Genesis. The only reason we understand the meaning of sin, is because we read about the literal rebellion of the first man when he disobeyed God.

Actually, if Genesis were taken out of the Bible, you'd have to throw the rest away. It's all dependent on the historical accounts in this first book.



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