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By J. D. Cooper

I know that you are mad,
but I'm not your punching bag!
I'm your wife
you promised to love, honor and cherish me for life!

Shut Up! Stupid! Sit Down!

Choking me was his sport of choice
I tried to scream but I had no voice.
Out of the corner of my pleading eyes
I saw my child watching with silent cries.

Ugly! Ungrateful! User!

It didn't matter if he stayed out late
he just wanted to come home to a hot plate.
Tired of the name-calling, I wouldn't have it there.
It got worst he'd snatch me out of bed by my hair.

Rude! Ridiculous! Raggedy!

Everything that I did was considered wrong
that gave him an excuse not to come home.
My family warned me not to call the MP's
He was in the military you see
and telling would also hurt me.

Violent! Vicious! Vehemence!

I experienced so much abuse and strife
he threatened me with a gun and a knife.
I tried to love him more to stop his hate,
or just for our daughter's sake.
The reason I live is for her not me,
thoughts of suicide were overwhelming.

Idiot! Ignorant! Irresponsible!

The church was my only comfort.
Although, my pain I could not report
I told the Almighty and He delivered me
His grace has set me free!!!

Victory!!! Vanquisher!!! Vengeance!!!

He told me to let go and to forgive,
cause I have a great reason to live.
I'm trying to put yesterday in the tomb,
so that my tomorrow will be full bloom.

Over! Overjoyed! Open Hands!

I accepted Him as my Lord and Savior and head of my life.
The way it should've been before we were husband and wife
He delivered me and I give Him all of the glory.
If not for Him I wouldn't be here telling my story.

Regain! Respect! Rejoice!

I am a survivor and so are you, that means
with God in you life you can do all things


J. D. Cooper
Write J. D. and let her know your thoughts on her writing!

J.D. Cooper is a writer, poet, addictions counselor and a single mother of
2 children, she is from Dolton, Illinois.  She enjoy spending time and sharing
life with her children and family.  Writing is her gift and She have to share it
with the Kingdom of God. J.D. Cooper is the author of her own poetry book
entitled, "All That Glitters Don't Shine".  This poem and others can be found
in her book of poems. You can order it at


Creation Q & A

Q: Many Christians believe that Darwin rejected his idea of evolution on his
deathbed. Is that true?

A: It's true that Darwin rejected a belief system at the time of his death--but it
wasn't his evolutionary belief system--it was the truth of God's Word that Darwin
turned his back on.

Many Christians believe that Darwin changed his mind about evolution just
before he died. A tract written by a certain Lady Hope has been widely distributed;
she supposedly had such a conversation with Darwin while he was dying.

But all investigation has shown that this tract has no factual basis. Actually,
Darwin made statements shortly before he died which indicated he didn't believe
there'd been any revelation from God. He also said that the Old Testament was
to be no more trusted that the sacred books of the Hindus. Actually, Darwin
admitted that the more he believed evolution, the more he rejected God.

This should be a solemn warning for the church. The more Christians believe
in evolution, the more they'll reject God's Word. Let's be careful.


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Thought For The Day

"Call on God, but row away from the rocks." --Indian Proverb

Verse for the Day

"Wisdom and good judgment live together, for wisdom knows where to
discover knowledge and understanding." --Proverbs 8:12

Kid's Thought For The Day

"We could learn a lot from crayons: some are sharp, some are
pretty, some are dull, some have weird names, and all are different
colors...but they all have to learn to live in the same box."

Parent's Thought For The Day

"Those who do too much for their children will soon find they can do nothing
with their children. So many children have been so much done for they
are almost done in." --Neal A. Maxwell

Coach's Thought For The Day

"Enter the game with class and leave the same way."

Creation/Evolution Thought For The Day
What do our enemies say about us? An ACLU member says:
"For the past five years, I have closely followed creationist literature and
have attended lectures and debates on related issues.... based solely on
the scientific arguments pro and con, I have been forced to conclude that
scientific creationism is not only a viable theory, but that it has achieved
parity with (if not superiority over) the normative theory of biological evolution.
That this should now be the case is somewhat surprising, particularly in
view of what most of us were taught in primary and secondary school.

In practical terms, the past decade of intense activity by scientific
creationists has left most evolutionist professors unwilling to debate the
creationist professors. Too many of the evolutionists have been publicly
humiliated in such debates by their own lack of erudition and by the
weaknesses of their theory."  --Robert E. Smith, "Origins and Civil Liberties,
in Creation Social Sciences and Humanities Quarterly, 3 (Winter 1980): 23-24.
Writing Thought For the Day

"Writing is the hardest work in the world. I have been a bricklayer and a truck
driver, and I tell you -- as if you haven't been told a million times already -- that
writing is harder. Lonelier. And nobler and more enriching." --Harlan Ellison

Deep Thought For The Day

E=mc2 -- "Very nice, Albert. Next time show your work..."
--Albert Einstein's Chemistry teacher



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Video Imagery --Michael's Video Production Business

Dear Michael,

"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the beautiful video you made for me!
It was so special to see both of my parents in tears as they watched their children
grow up in pictures before their eyes! I loved the way you made Estania's part set
aside from the rest--that was the part that really got them! The music was beautiful.
My mom kept blubbering, "What song is that?" I don't know how you did such a
beautiful job with the video in such a short time. I really appreciate your doing it so
quickly. You have a wonderful gift, and I thank God that you are using it to create
such sentimental memories. I hope that I can find my niche like that in an area that
I love. Your video gave us one of our most lasting Christmas memories! I hope yours
was filled with moments to be treasured forever!"

Silverhill, AL

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