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One of the most precious moments in all of your life will be the union of you and your groom on Your Wedding Day. You have spent months meticulously planning your day and you want everything to be perfect. And when the big day finally arrives there will be many special moments: the tears that will well up in your eyes as you walk down the aisle, the gentle kiss your dad will place on your cheek when he proudly gives you away, the softly spoken vows, and the promise in the groom's eyes that only you can see...

Some of theses memories will be lost in time. Don't let your special day fade from your memory! Capture all the emotions in a professionally produced wedding video!

Standards That are a Must For Your Video


Multiple Video Cameras

We utilize multiple video cameras with every package! With just one video camera, some part of the wedding will be missed, obscured by attendandts or guests. While one camera is on the bride and the groom, another can capture mom wiping her eyes. Be sure to give your wedding the coverage it deserves.

Digital Video

This professional, top of the line broadcast quality format ensures brilliant picture quality and accurate reproduction of details. Throughout the editing process, your footage stays in pure digital format so that you finished DVD looks incredible!

An Experienced Videographer

Anyone can point a video camera and capture images, but only an experienced professional can capture the emotions from the tears that well up in your father's eyes to the flower girl tugging on your dress. Don't entrust your special day to a relative or friend who just got his new camera and can't wait to try it out. We have captured over 300 weddings over the past fifteen years and videotaped thousands of other events.

Nothing Beats Experience!


We are proud members the International Wedding and Event Videography Association!  Click on the above link to find out the difference a WEVA Videographer can make for you!


Wedding Packages

We have many different packages and special add ons that will make your wedding video just the way you want it: PERFECT!  Click on the above link or photo to see all that we have to offer!

  The Finished DVD You'll Treasure For A Lifetime!

Most packages begin with the "Early Years." Photos of both the bride and the groom are transferred to video. From infants to your engagement, you'll watch how you have changed over the years. A number of transitions are used as each image changes to another, all set to music that enhances the emotions that are in each picture. The result is a beautiful opening segment that sets the stage for your video.

The ceremony itself is next, shot from at least two different angles and blended together capturing everything from getting ready before the ceremony to the bride and the groom leaving the church. All the important events at the reception are captured next as we usually stay longer than some guests to make sure we don't miss anything!

Your very own Music Video of the wedding highlights, set to your favorite love songs, caps off the perfect ending to your perfect day. We utilize slow motion, black and white images, computer graphics, digital freeze frames, and other tasteful effects to produce our incredibly popular romantic ending. We lightly sprinkle these effects in your Music Video. Enough to bring out the emotions of the event, but not enough to overshadow the story of your special day!

Looking for a great photographer to capture your special day?  Below are three photographers that are not only incredibly good at what they do, but they are wonderful to work with!
Transfer your photographs or old home videos over to DVD or MP4 files! Give the gift that will touch your family's heart and soul.

You can join the 15,000 followers on his Facebook Nature Photography by clicking on the link above!

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